Residential Bridging Loans

Residential Bridge Loan Specialists

We provide fast, professional residential bridging loans for property purchases or refinancing releasing equity from your property for various reasons, be it bridging a broken property chain, buying a second property or simply raising cashflow.


Why choose us...

Immediate decision in principle

Immediate decision in principle

All credit circumstances considered

All credit circumstances considered

Residential bridging finance specialists

Residential bridging finance specialists

Completion possible in 10-14 working days

Completion possible in 10-14 working days


Who can apply for residential bridging finance? 

As long as your asset(s) are in the UK our residential bridging finance is open to both UK and foreign nationals including onshore and offshore borrowing vehicles.

So whether you are a trading limited company, an SPV or applying individually, as long as you are the legal property owner, or will be once the property transaction has completed, then we can obtain the funding you require without delay.

Lending Criteria

Loan to value (LTV):

  • up to 80% as a 1st charge
  • 1st & 2nd charges available

Loan term:

  • 3 to 24 months


  • England, Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland

Loan amount:

  • £26,000 to £25m

Interest options:

  • serviced, retained, rolled-up

Interest rates:

  • from 0.45% per month


  • immediate


  • 10-14 working days

Exit strategy:

Danielle Brown

Danielle Brown

Senior Case Manager

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What can it be used for?

  • Cashflow / capital raise
  • Development project
  • Purchase of main residence
  • Refurbish or extend property
  • Broken property chain
  • Debt consolidation
  • Purchase of BTL (Buy to let) property
  • Redeem existing 1st charge
  • Other investment opportunity

Get started

Our loan application process for a residential bridging loan is easy, fast & straightforward. 

Cut through the red tape with our hassle-free application process. We can typically confirm almost immediately whether your application is likely to be successful.

Get in touch with our team of experts today!

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Frequently asked questions

What is residential bridging finance?

Residential bridging finance is a short-term loan that is used to 'bridge' a financial gap. When it's important to move swiftly to secure, refurb or renovate a residential property in a limited timeframe, they can be utilised as an alternative to a traditional mortgage.

Is it hard to qualify for a bridge loan?

Qualifying for a bridging loan relies on you having enough equity in the property or properties upon which you'll secure the loan. You'll also need a viable exit strategy to convince the lender that you have a method of repaying the loan, its fees and interest. Whilst lenders will ask for other documentation, the security and exit strategy are by far the most critical factors in securing a bridging loan.

Do banks do bridging loans?

Bridging loans are available from some high-street banks though high-street banks rarely offer bridge loans to the general public.

Do you need a deposit for a bridging loan?

Residential bridging loans typically have larger deposit requirements than mortgages. A lender would normally expect you to put down 20-35% of the property's value as a minimum. 

What is the interest rate for bridging finance?

Bridging loans have significantly higher interest rates than traditional mortgages, averaging approximately 4% to 5% per annum, however some can go even higher.

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