bridging loans
If you’re looking to add to your portfolio of commercial property
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Bridging loans
When it comes to the property market, it always pays
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Short term
bridging loans
When your cash is tied up in a project but you need
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Finanta - Bridging Loans Company

We are a specialist provider of short term property and business finance

At Finanta, we like to do things a little differently. We look for reasons to lend, rather than reasons not to, and we’re driven by people, not by computers. We try to understand the full picture on every deal, finding solutions instead of hiding behind ‘criteria’.

Instead, Finanta was designed to reflect a growing marketplace for short term bridging loans and business finance solutions. Because we are independent, we have been able to develop an outstanding panel of lenders, from private investors to high street lenders.

This means we can offer you a much wider range of options than anyone on its own, and negotiate to find one that satisfies your unique requirements.

With an experienced and growing team of finance specialists in London and throughout the UK, we can help you structure your deal to ensure that the funding package you take out will see you through to completion, and not leave you high and dry if things go wrong.

How Finanta Works - Our Bridging Finance Process

As one of the UK’s leading property finance companies, we pride ourselves on our ability to find you the best possible deal.

We combine experience and expertise with personal, friendly service and fresh thinking to create a unique solution to your specific situation quickly and reliably.

When you first get in contact with us, you’ll already be dealing with one of our highly experienced finance professionals. They will go through your requirements with you, taking the time to understand your individual circumstances, goals and timescales.

Your finance professional will then present you with a range of options, each matching your criteria, so that you can make an informed decision. Once you have chosen which option is best for you, the team will get to work on arranging your finance package and moving funds to your account quickly. It’s that easy!

But it’s not just about getting your finance sorted quickly. It’s also about getting the right deal for you. We understand that the world moves fast and sometimes you’ll want a quick arrangement that can be organised over the phone or email.

Because we believe in combining the best of modern technology with good, old-fashioned customer service, we’ll always be delighted to meet you in person too.

Our finance experts are here to help you find the right bridging loan in London and throughout the UK as quickly and painlessly as possible. It doesn’t matter to us if you have a poor credit history or no income proof – we’re here to help.

Call us now and discuss your requirements direct with and underwriter – We do bridging loans better!

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We are the experts in providing bridging finance and short term secured financial solutions. Finanta, with its industry experienced team continues to go from strength to strength; growing its knowledge, funding lines and portfolio of satisfied clients. Our team is made up of highly experienced financial specialists. We are one of the most efficient and quickest short-term bridging loan specialists in London and throughout the UK.
Types Of Bridging Loans
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Tip of the Week

"A Bridging Loan covers a variety of different purposes. It is not only required for buying a new property”

Bridging loans have a multitude of uses and although they are secured against property or land the actual loan itself can be used for almost any legal use. You may require funds for unexpected bills including HMRC debt, legal settlements.

You may require cash flow funding for your business or contract fulfillment

You can also utilize a bridging loan if you need funds for property development and refurbishment. If you have to renovate your real estate project, you may need instant funds.

Refurbishment Finance for restoration or renovation of properties Usually, people don’t find a property suitable for the purposes of a mortgage. The reason can be its bad condition. Or if it is a residential property and it is to be used for mortgage purposes, then the property may not be habitable in its current state, therefore mortgages lenders would deem the security unfit for mortgage purposes, a bridging loan is the perfect solution for any of the above circumstances.


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The independent finance experts who put you first
As one of the UK’s leading property finance companies, we pride ourselves on our ability to find you the best possible deal.

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