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Our bridging loan specialists will provide you with a simple, fast and short-term funding solution for your cash-flow requirements.

We aim to give you a decision in principle within 24 hours and release the funds within 5 to 7 business days. Once you’ve received funds, if your intended exit for the bridge is to refinance we will help to arrange your exit from the bridging finance arrangement.
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Whether you are employed, self-employed, have a bad credit history associated with discharged bankrupts, IVA’s arrears, defaults or CCJ’s we can offer you a bridging loan.

Our Criteria

  • 1 to 24 months
  • £25,000 – £10 million
  • Monthly rates starting from 0.45%
  • Non-status and full status
  • Interest roll-up schemes
  • Arrears, defaults, bankruptcy, CCJs – everything accepted
  • Finances made available in 5 – 7 business days
  • Arranging bridging loans for private individuals, partnerships, limited companies and sole traders
  • Highest loan to values, offering the entire purchase price (in some cases) with extra security
  • When you get the funds, we help arrange your exit from bridging finance through re-finance
354 Cases completed
£31M Amount Financed
100+ Satisfied Clients

How much can I borrow and How long for?

With monthly rates starting from 0.45%, our customers can borrow from £25,000 up to £20 million, from 1 to 24 months. Interest can be built into the loan, serviced monthly or rolled up subject to the Loan to Value ratio and lender criteria. Loans can be arranged for:

  • Non-status and full status
  • Arrears, defaults, CCJ’s and bankruptcies
  • Available for private individuals, partnerships, limited companies and sole traders
  • Highest loan to values, in some cases offering the entire purchase price
  • Expert advice on re-financing once funds have been released to you

Use our loan calculator to plan your bridging loan finance – Bridging Loan Calculator

Case Studies

1) In September 2017 we received an online application from a couple looking for a bridging loan of just under £1 million, which was needed within the next 72 hours to secure a deal. A previous sale had fallen through due to issues at the other end, so our clients needed urgent help. We used our network of lenders to secure a bridging loan, and the funds were transferred to the clients’ solicitor within the next two days, well ahead of the deadline.

2) We were approached by a couple in their late 50’s in April 2017 regarding the purchase of a luxury apartment for their daughter. She had already exchanged contracts off plan three years beforehand, but since the property was re-valued the amount the mortgage company was willing to loan was substantially reduced. Her parents were happy to provide some of the money, but they needed help with the final £75,000. We were able to secure the loan and transfer the funds directly to their account within just 72 hours, allowing their daughter to move into her new apartment by the original date she had planned.

3) In June 2017 we were phoned by a prospective client who needed to make a significant divorce settlement within the next month or be forced to go back to court. We worked in close contact with his lawyers to meet the client’s needs in what was a very stressful and challenging time for him, accessing the funds quickly and efficiently and enabling him to pay his wife on time.

What is a Bridging loan?

A bridging loan is a flexible way of organising short-term funding. It is quick to arrange and when it comes to choosing the right bridging loan for your individual circumstances, we completely understand the importance of being able to provide you with a simple, jargon-free and quick decision.

The benefits

A bridging loan enables you to access capital quickly, this is why our Consultants do their utmost to have a principle offer with you on the very same day, thus putting you in full control of your short-term finances. Bridging loans can be used for a wide variety of purposes such as auction purchases, an increase in working capital or simply a quick injection of cash. Bridging loans are ideal for anyone finding themselves stuck in a property chain with a short gap between sale and completion dates, they are an ideal way of solving a time-sensitive funding problem or to resolve a cash crisis fast. Bridging loans enable you to be able to take advantage of an opportunity or even to help you on the road to repair credit issues.

How Bridging Loans are Helpful

Bridging loans will help property investors receive benefits from a pool of opportunities whenever they arise. Details of our UK bridging loans are –

Bridging Loans for Businesses

  • Tax

Whenever businesses have to make a tax payment, but they are unable to access the required amount within the mentioned time, they may choose for bridging finance options from our best bridging finance available.

  • Raise Capital

Whenever any company or a business organization has to increase a sum within a relatively short duration, it can secure bridging loans against the land or property.

  • Business Obligations

Short term bridging loans may prove to be an effective solution for business owners whenever they have to meet the necessary obligations or overcome their financial difficulties.

Bridging Loans for Property Investors

  • To Repair a Broken Property Chain

Property investors may use bridging loans to repair a broken chain of properties, where homeowners remain at the risk of losing their homes, which they set on purchase in case of dropping out of a buyer from the chain.

  • Cash Flow on Temporary Basis

Whenever property investors/owners require an influx of cash on the short-term or temporary basis, they may go with the option of quick bridging loans.

  • Helpful for Downsizing Owners

Downsizing owners usually do not require any mortgage. In such situations, bridging loans offered by our best bridging loans will help in buying of properties before the sale of their existing ones.

  • Other Reasons
  • To build a new home.
  • To convert an old property with the objective to earn profits.

Bridging Loans for Property Developers

  • To develop and renovate any real estate project
  • To get access to funds within the less possible span of time
  • To deal with unmortgaged properties or to fix the problem of dilapidated properties with the help of bridging loan and thereby, get a chance to sell or renovate such properties to make a profit.

Bridging Loan Types

We provide you with two different types of bridging loans in UK. These are-

  • Open Bridge Loan

In case of an open bridging loan, the borrower has to propose an existing plan for repayment of his/her loan. However, in this case, there is no particular date set at the loan’s outset. In open bridge, lender defines a cutoff point based on which you have to repay the loan amount.

  • Closed Bridge Loan

The closed bridge loan, on the other side, requires the borrower to mention a set date to repay the loan. For instance, borrower exchanged on the sale already and has a particular completion date. Hence, he has to repay the bridging loan with the sale of his property.

Bridging Loans – Reasons for using them

  • Working capital
  • Fast flow of cash
  • Stop repossessions
  • Auction purchases
  • Quick property-purchase completion

Payments and Interests

  • Payments

Bridging loan’s structure may vary with each other. A few bridging loans lets the borrower pay only the interest for each month and repay the actual amount of loan at the end of his term. This type of structure suits perfectly for all individuals, who have access to the cash flow on a regular basis during the entire loan period. In this way, borrowers will be able to fulfill their monthly rate of interest payments.

  • Rolled Up Interest

In this case, interest will roll up and the borrower has to pay it during the end of his term. This option is for those borrowers, who fail to pay interest monthly during the term; instead, they receive a lump sum amount during the end for paying back both the loan and the interest together.

Auction finance

We have also created a range of cheap bridging loans that are designed specifically for buying properties at auction. We have developed a unique process, ‘ pre-auction comfort’, whereby we will carry early-stage legal work and desk top valuation giving you more confidence when bidding on your desired lots.

We can also offer a service where a consultant can be available for the duration of your auction to allow you to contact us during the auction for our experienced decision makers to give you an immediate verbal decision in principle. You will be able to bid with confidence and safe in the knowledge that you can secure the appropriate funding fast.

We provide property auction finance for:

  • All auction purchases
  • Land with or without planning permission
  • Buy to Let
  • Commercial investments including hotels, offices and shops
  • Renovation and new build projects

Finanta also offers:

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