Bridging loan is a way to obtain development finance that is given against properties like residential property, commercial property, residential developments, commercial developments, offices, retail, auction properties, and an investment property that includes both residential and commercial, lands, plots, farms, and agriculture.

What are the assets that can be used as security against bridging loans?

Just as other normal loans demand security assets, bridging loans also demand assets for security purpose, against which loans are provided. The assets can be in the form of residential property, commercial mortgages, lands, buildings, plots, etc. In case your LTV is high, you can also use multiple properties to get a bridging loan.

What do you mean by asset refinancing?

Asset refinancing is a part of development finance that is used by the companies to release a portion of equity that lies within the asset. ‘Assets’ in this term mean vehicle, machinery, equipment, etc.

The loan is obtained on assets that are owned by the company. Refinancing is provided on assets that were already obtained using finance facilities. The serial number, registration Id and other information on the asset are essential for refinancing.

What does ‘buy to let mortgage’ mean?

‘Buy to let mortgage’ is a kind of mortgage facility that can be taken when your property for security is already given on rent. This method of the commercial mortgages technique is quite popular for purchasing or refinancing the investment property.

The providers of such facility calculate the loan amount, interest, etc. by considering the rental income of the property. For such securities, residential properties are widely used.

What is development finance?

Development finance is another medium of getting loans that are similar to bridging loans. This short-term loan is provided for nearly 12 months to 36 months that is used by the business holders for funding various development projects. In this kind of financial loan, the loan amount is provided to the lender in various stages, along with the progress of the project. When a project is carried out with this kind of financial aid, the value of the project increases rapidly as the project heads towards finishing.

What is a commercial bridging loan?

As the name says, commercial bridging loans are loans that are used by various companies that are in search of short-term lending facilities. However, this kind of loan does not provide any kind of protection that is obtained by the regulated agreement to the consumers.

If the borrower uses his personal property for a mortgage, then the loan needs to be regulated. In addition, if the borrower uses commercial mortgages that are not listed in his residential list, the loan would be unregulated.

A number of bridging loans are included in the commercial category, it is necessary to go through the terms and conditions mentioned in the agreements. The commercial bridging loans are used for the payment of various emergency bills; to purchase any commercial property, fund orders, improve the company premises, etc.

What does an exit strategy mean?

It is self-explanatory. The exit strategy is a technique used to repay the finance with lower interest rate and no additional charges. An exit strategy is a way you would be repaying the loan amount to the company.

However, the exit strategy varies from borrower to borrower. The possible repayment methods adopted are through selling the security property or any other property, through remortgaging of the property or refinancing the development, proceeds out of business, tax rebate, pension maturity amount, selling the shares, waiting for a property to get sold, etc.

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