The word development finance is becoming a buzzword in the world of finance. A financial firm can help all property developers or even builders. It actually helps them to finance new building projects or re-construction projects or even civil works for conversions.

The main aim of the commercial development finance is to supply a high amount of capitals to the builders so that they can address any immediate needs of the hour.

It is a kind of property development loans in the UK that is offered to the owners of construction projects of various sizes.

Development finance helps property developers and private builders to finance single or multiple new builds, conversions or refurbishment projects.

Choosing a refurbishment finance in the UK –

Right now, there are many projects running in the country, which is based on the refurbishment or renovation type. Such projects are very hard to handle and even experienced contractors cannot guarantee or estimate the real cost involved in the project.

The nature of such projects is very uncertain and needs extra finance at any point in time. We are in the field of refurbishment finance UK since a very long time and understand the customized requirement of any refurbishment project being undertaken in the country.

We have a panel of an expert in the field of development finance and they thoroughly understand how does property development finance works.

We can gauge the size of the project from smaller to large residential project and advice the exact requirement of residential development finance required by it.

Our well-equipped tools help us understand the nature of the residential refurbishment project and can allocate perfect property development loans UK.

Apart from residential projects, we supply 100% development finance to the commercial or professional projects too.

These projects can be fresh or refurbishment in nature.

We pay attention to every minute detail regarding the project and can save a lot of efforts and cost related to or involved in the process.

Saving time and efforts leads to saving cost!

Time plays a crucial role in any kind of development project. As time passes by the cost involved in the project can grow in an exponential manner.

So it is required to take timely steps to save on the extra financial requirement arising just due to delay in the work.

How can Finanta help you?

Our extensive range of development finance packages are primarily designed with the property developer in mind.

From smaller, private builders through to larger property developers we are able to offer bespoke finance for the purposes of refurbishment, conversion or new build.

We can offer a fast, flexible and extremely reliable service whilst also securing the best possible finance terms for your specific project.

Our team works in a possibly fast manner to secure top rated development finance lenders in the UK to assist you during the life of the project.

When you make enquiry for our service, then our team will reach you immediately and take a deep study of the status of your project.

We are flexible enough to present you with more than one development finance solution for your development project at any point of time.

One solution that suits other company might not be suitable for your project. So, we take extra efforts to design a customized solution, particularly for your project or company.

Here are few types of services we provide to our well-esteemed clients in the UK. Our packages are split into three categories as follows:

    1. Property Refurbishment Development Finance

Aimed at providing a quick turnaround, this finance option usually involves the purchase of a property and a straight-forward refurbishment. This is an ideal solution for auction properties since it can also assist with the actual cost of improvement work.

    1. Property Conversion Development Finance

The conversion offering is aimed at more substantial building work such as extensions, conversions or other structural re-modelling. This type of project will ordinarily involve obtaining planning consent, adhering to building control regulations and working alongside on-site contractors.

    1. Property Development Finance

Primarily aimed at more experienced property professionals, our property development finance is ideal for sites which are purchased with either full or outline planning permission since it means that cash can be committed to the project for longer periods of time.

Our criteria for development finance loans:

  • £100,000 to £50 million
  • Flexible terms ranging from 3 to 24 months
  • 100% of build/development cost available
  • Interest roll-up schemes

Finanta works closely with expert lenders in property and development finance to make sure you will always get the best deal, getting up to 100% of your property development or new site build costs.

Lenders assess each application on its individual strengths. We understand the process of submitting applications from start to finish, so using our in-depth knowledge and experience, we will make sure that you are putting forward the best possible application for your project.

Development Finance is available for:

  • Auction purchases
  • Commercial developments
  • Conversions
  • Residential developments
  • Residential refurbishments


There are no set rates for property development finance, however as we have full access to the market and work closely with a wide variety of specialist property development lenders, we will always be able to negotiate the best rate for you.

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