Loans from £20,000 to £300,000

Whether you are looking for your business to take the next step, you want to give it a big financial boost or you are just simply struggling to juggle unexpected costs, we can help you find instant business loans. With a business loan you can have the cash in your account in as little as 3 business days.

How Finanta can help

We specialise in solving cash flow problems. So no matter what kind of business you own, or what you need an urgent cash flow for, we can help you find the best financial solution to meet your needs. We provide business loans at affordable interest rates to businesses that need working capital fast.

Our flexible business lending products include:

  • Unsecured Business Loans

  • Secured Business Loans

  • Start up Business Loans

  • Business Acquisition Loans

  • Long term Business Loans

  • Small Business Loans

  • Franchise Business Loans

  • Business Bank Loans

  • No credit check Business Loans

How much can you borrow and for how long?

We can provide business loans from £20,000 to £300,000 for between 1 and 60 months.

Poor credit history

We will consider all business loan applications, even if you have a poor credit history, bankruptcy, CCJs or no proof of income.

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No credit history, No problem
Even if you do not have any proof of income, a poor credit history, or have defaults, CCJs or bankruptcy, we will still be able to offer you a finance deal.
The Finanta Team
The Finanta Team
We are the experts in providing short and long-term financial solutions. Finanta, with its industry experienced team continues to go from strength to strength; growing its knowledge, funding lines and portfolio of satisfied clients. Our team is made up of highly experienced financial specialists. We are one of the most efficient and quickest short-term bridging loan specialists in London.
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