Asset finance is a relatively new term in business. Let us understand what it really means and its benefits. For growing your business, it is recommended that you invest in different types of assets.

However, buying an asset requires many funds and it can create a crunch in the overall budget.

You are required to raise additional capital for buying newer assets in the form of land, machines etc.

We can surely help you to secure your assets using asset finance in the UK.

Investing in assets allows you to be able to develop and grow your business, but it can also leave a big dent in your working capital.

Whether it be to purchase new assets or to re-finance your already owned assets to raise capital; from vehicles and plant machinery to IT equipment, if you need lending secured against one or more of your assets, Finanta can help.

Benefits of Taking Help from Asset Finance Company-

There are many asset finance companies in the UK. However, selecting one with a good record of accomplishment and reputation is a tough task.

The option of assets re-finance is considered a good choice to generate extra capital for your business.

There are versatile possibilities or types of asset finance and asset finance broker can create a list of all possible solutions for your business. It is well planned and effective way of utilizing your revenue.

With asset re-finance there are no up-front costs, with asset finance in general its versatility means that you are in a good position to purchase a wide variety of essential business assets.

It is the smart, convenient and cost effective way to finance the key assets you need from your revenue.

When you decide to take advantage of the corporate asset finance scheme, then the first thing you need to do is to find an experienced asset finance company in the UK.

The success of the activity depends much on the advice you get from the executives from this company.

If they have enough experience and knowledge of the financial sector, then your re-finance project will surely give good results. Your business can reach to next high level when structured asset finance is done.

Selecting a Good Asset Finance Company-

At the asset finance company in the UK, you can find that all executives are working with a single goal of total customer satisfaction.

When you meet them for the first time, then they will start straight with a topic without making any fuss or time delay.

Schedule a meeting with us to get the estimate or overall idea about the process and you will rest assured that your company’s future is in the good hands.

In the era of the cash crunch and capital crunch, suitable asset finance solutions can take you out of the troublesome waters.

In such tough times, getting the best finance package for your business is a ray of hope to come out stronger from any of the dilemmas.

Why choose Finanta?

Our specialists will provide you with a no-fuss solution that can secure the assets you need. We understand that it has become harder than ever to arrange business asset finance, but we will work with you to find a finance package for your business.

Our experts will take a review of your business structure. The experts do a deep study of your business needs as a next step of the process.

This step might require few revisions, as we will discuss the possible options with you and your executive body and then finalize the process.

Our experts will be patient and discuss all possible outcomes and side effects with you. We propose all combinations of solutions that can give you maximum results along with a period.

We will base our service on a combination of your business needs, timescales and speed of execution.

We like to keep our customers waiting, so we can guarantee that we will give you a fast response.

We are one of the best asset finance companies in the UK and have competitive rates for all sorts of business houses. Our success totally depends on the progress of your company so we strive to make it work for both of us.

Our rates are competitive and in some cases no deposit is required. We arrange asset finance for sole traders, limited companies, partnerships and private individuals.

  • £10,000 to £2 million
  • Bespoke terms to suit your business
  • Best rates available (subject to status)
  • Start-up and phoenix companies welcomed

What we can fund:

  • Audio visual equipment
  • Boats
  • Building equipment
  • Scaffolding, machinery, tools
  • Catering equipment
  • Equipment finance
  • Forestry equipment
  • IT equipment
  • Manufacturing machinery
  • Packaging equipment
  • Plant machinery
  • Printing equipment
  • Recycling equipment
  • Vehicles
  • Plus many more…

Poor credit history

We have access to every available asset financing product on the market, so even if you have been declined by other companies, have a poor credit history, CCJs or bankruptcy, we can potentially still find a finance package for you.

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No credit history, No problem
Even if you do not have any proof of income, a poor credit history, or have defaults, CCJs or bankruptcy, we will still be able to offer you a finance deal.
The Finanta Team
The Finanta Team
We are the experts in providing short and long-term financial solutions. Finanta, with its industry experienced team continues to go from strength to strength; growing its knowledge, funding lines and portfolio of satisfied clients. Our team is made up of highly experienced financial specialists. We are one of the most efficient and quickest short-term bridging loan specialists in London.
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